Unexpected Fun

It was supposed to be just brunch, but then unexpected fun showed up.

My wife and I were in Houston to visit my family, and we timed the travel between the craziness of Thanksgiving and the short time off around Christmas.

Time for Brunch

A brunch with my nephew and his girlfriend was in order, but the question was “Where to go?” My nephew suggested Piggy’s Kitchen and Bar, on West Lamar, outside the downtown Houston area. My wife and I arrived first and, while coming up to the door, I heard some sort of ruckus on the outdoor patio. Not a bad ruckus, but some loudness and what sounded like Broadway show tunes. Weird.

We entered, were offered a table inside or on the patio, and me, I wanted to be outside with the ruckus!

Look, there’s Entertainment

The Broad's Way from Houston appearing at Piggy's Kitchen and Bar.

And there they were, The Broad’s Way. Turns out The Broad’s Way is a drag queen revue that performs Broadway show tunes amid some jokes. Yup, unbeknownst to any of us it turns out that Piggy’s currently has “Brunch with The Broad’s Way” on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, from 11AM to 2PM. None of us were expecting it, and unfortunately we weren’t there until about 12:30 so we missed some of the show. We did, however, catch enough of the fun and fantastically talented members of the revue who wonderfully entertained the crown amidst gathering dollar bills from the customers, including one from yours truly.

Yup, what was going to be just your standard “catching up with family brunch” turned into unexpected fun. People were enjoying themselves, laughing, and smiling thanks to The Broad’s Way, all the while eating some great brunch from Piggy’s Kitchen and Bar.

Go With the Flow

Sure, it would have been easy to be upset or perturbed that there was some event interrupting the catching up of family, but sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow. When the unexpected does show up embrace it, enjoy it, and let it turn a normal experience into one with a story. The best stories many times come from the unexpected, and this time the story was one of unexpected fun.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!