Stay Home

Hell is Real

Sure, you’re probably getting to that point of, “I’ve been cooped up for a few weeks, this is hell, it should be fine to get my life back to normal. Let’s have a party.”

Don’t, just don’t. You’re being stuck at home is not hell.

Yes, the numbers are starting to give hope, yes, that curve might be flattening, but there is still time to wait.

Stay home for those people going through hell, those who have Covid-19 and those helping those with Covid-19. Stay home for those who bring you the things you need.

Most importantly, right now stay home so you don’t really have to go though hell be finding yourself in an ICU, sickened by the coronavirus, because you didn’t stay home.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!

(Picture is from off I-65 in Indiana.)

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