Some Questions Have No Definitive Answer

What way does the bow go on a wreath? There is no definitive answer.

On one of my other websites, Entertainment Ave!, I can always tell when the Christmas holiday is coming? Why? Because I had a poll called “The Wreath-Bow Conundrum.” The post was about where the bow should go on a wreath. Simply, should the bow be on the top or bottom of a wreath? Oddly, for this, there appears to be no definitive answer, and that’s okay.

Every year around the holidays the post starts to get an uptick in views. I’m guessing it’s simply that people are beginning to decorate their houses for whatever they are celebrating, and if wreath hanging is involved, and said wreath has a bow, there is generally a discussion on if the bow should be at the top or the bottom of the wreath.

Conflicting Answers

Over the years this has fascinated me for some reason because there really seems to be no answer. If you Google “bow on a wreath” and look at the images, there is a multitude of wreath pictures all with the bows on the top. The wreath that we hung on the door the year of the post had no definitive answer, either, as there wasn’t a hook for the wreath to signify top nor bottom. As we hung the wreath, with just a little manipulation, the bow was able to hang in either direction.

We opted for the bottom of the wreath for the bow that year.

Also, whereas the Google images lean towards top placement, the poll results on Entertainment Ave! showed an overwhelming, or at least a bunch of people, prefer their bow on the bottom (60% bottom hangers to 40% top hangers), at least as of last week.

Internet searching is also no help. Some sites say the top, other sites say the bottom, but the general consensus is there is no answer as long as you think it looks okay.

Two Wreaths?

The problem, however, is if you think the bow looks good on the top of the wreath while your partner thinks the bow looks better on the bottom, or vice versa. My suggestion for this dilemma is to hang two wreaths.

With whatever holiday you are celebrating this season just remember that of all of the arguments you might get into, for the subject of bow placement, there is no answer, and that is okay. Just do what makes you feel good, even if that means hanging the wreath to make your partner happy. Really, isn’t that what the holidays are supposed to be about anyway?

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!