Some Days Fight the Urge and Take it Slow

Now, back a few weeks ago, I wrote about my newfound like, I hesitate to call it “love,” of exercise. At that time things were mostly on our treadmill using the Peloton digital service (find me as “InspireMyAwesom”). Things were going well, I was fairly content with the service, but I believe the folks at Peloton must put some kind of subliminal message in their video stream because ever so slowly all I could think about was their bike.

As I began to obsess my wife did one of the things she does best and gave that last nudge to make the purchase. The bike arrived in early December, and I was hooked. As December continued I felt bad for the Peloton instructors who did treadmill classes because I basically deserted Rebecca, Selena, and Matty for Emma, Sam, Kendall, and Alex on the bike.

Perfect Activity Month

January Activity Rings

As December was coming to a close, and it was the proverbial time of year to make a challenge for yourself, I decided that for the month of January I wanted to get a “perfect activity month” on my iPhone. If I were to just do one Peloton class every day, during January, I should have no problem closing both my “Exercise” and “Move” rings, and the “Stand” ring should easily follow.


Then came the past weekend.

All was going great. I was through ten days, pushing harder than I thought I would, and figured I should take some recovery rides over the weekend. Sure, I could have pulled up one of the older “Low Impact” rides, or I could take a live class called a “45 Minute Sweat Steady Ride” with Jess King and just take it easy.

I opted for the live class, and therein was my problem.

The Ride Kicked My Ass

While my body said I should take it easy, my mind got sucked right into the class. I started peddling harder and harder, and I ended up getting a personal record for a 45 minute class. I kicked ass, and then the ride kicked my ass.

Nope, I didn’t listen to myself, I didn’t take it easy, and my left hip started hurting, my legs were super-sore, and all I worried about now was would I be able to exercise on Sunday.

Hobbling around the rest of Saturday I tried to stretch my legs, put on some gel that was supposed to ease the pain, and popped an Aleve. My January challenge had the potential to be derailed.

Bedtime came, I rolled into bed, let the heated blanket do some work, and surprisingly felt better on Sunday.

Just Ride

What to do? I know, a “Low Impact” ride with Alex Toussaint.

Now, I have come to like rides with Alex leading the way, but I have to say that there is nothing “Low Impact” about Alex. His energy is infectious, all you really want to do when taking his class is go faster, but thankfully, in between his encouragement to push it a little harder, he kept reminding those, like me, who needed to take it easy, that, well, we should take it easy.

As hard as it was to settle in and just ride, I did just that.

I had my second-lowest, 30 minute output during a ride since we got the bike, and it was just what my body needed.

My hip loosened up, my muscles got their life back, and thanks to fighting that urge to keep pushing it, which was really hard to do with Alex as the instructor, Monday morning came, and I was refreshed.

The lesson through all of this? Sometimes taking it slow is really the way to go. Outside sources might be urging you to push it a little harder, but in the end you should stick to your plan. My plan on Saturday was to take things easy, and I didn’t. It almost cost me. Thankfully I’m back on track for my perfect activity January, 13 days down, and 18 more to go!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!