Easy Dreams & Hard Dreams: Giant Checks, Pete Townshend, & Elton John

The other night, in my dreams, I was at a Costco. That’s simple enough, I suppose I needed big things. Weirdly, though, it appeared they were getting ready for a concert at said Costco. There were lights, a stage, and speakers in the area people are usually eating pizza. I asked the employee about the setup, and he seemed surprised. The situation was weird.

Upon closer investigation they were filming a commercial.

That seemed more weird.

An Old Pete Townsend and a Young Elton John

Up rolled Pete Townshend of The Who. I write, “rolled,” because he arrived in a wheelchair, and Pete is still able-bodied as of this writing. Why he was in a wheelchair, I have no idea.

Elton John in Concert
Elton John, getting to be an elder back in 1998. Photo by me, Andy Labis.

Next came Elton John. It was not Elton John the elder, but Elton John the younger, looking, well, like Elton John from the days of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”

Mind you I don’t recall thinking about either of these two fellows in the weeks leading up to this dream.

As the rock stars show up I tried to sneak pictures with my phone. It seemed like the phone was taking pictures, but every time I looked the pictures looked blurry, distorted, and generally messed up. Then, weirdly, my phone “squished” itself into a phone about half the size of my current phone, and I had to make it full size by stretching it.

And then I woke up.

Day Dreams and Night Dreams

Now, day dreams are easy to figure out. “I dream of winning the lottery!” That one has a pretty simple explanation, you want to hold a giant check in front of TV cameras. Or maybe, “I dream of having a big house!” Yup, you like vacuuming.

The tough dreams to figure out are the dreams you have at night.

Sure, there are a myriad of Internet places to analyze and interpret dreams. If you do the Google of “Interpret your dreams,” you might find a place called PsychCentral and an article by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. on how to analyze your dreams. At oprah.com you can learn about why your teeth are falling out, why you are cheating on your partner, and what an upcoming invasion by aliens might mean. There is something in The Huffington Post, of course, and someone named Laurie will tell you about your dreams at www.whatyourdreammeans.com, but only if you “share/like/follow or tweet my site on social media.”

Sadly none of the sites could explain an old, Pete Townshend in a wheelchair filming a commercial with a younger Elton John, at a Costco in the area where you might find yourself eating a slice of pizza. Well, Laurie might have been able to, but I didn’t feel like sharing her site on my social media.

Usually I can piece together something about a dream, but for this one I’ve got nothing. I suppose my mind is trying to figure something out about rock and roll and Costco, which is cool, but I maybe I should just get back to my dream of holding a giant check in front of TV cameras.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!