Be Colorful

Don't Be Afraid to Be Colorful

On a wonderful visit to The Big Island, Hawaii, we took a trip to Punaluʻu Beach, also known as “The Black Sand Beach.”

It was a weird place, especially for me who is used to normal beaches and normal sand. There were turtles, which was cool, but the black sand was really the draw, especially if you have never seen a beach of black sand.

The oddest thing, especially as I started taking pictures, was most everything beach related, i.e, water and beach, appeared to be in black and white. While taking a picture of the waves coming in there was this little girl, off in the distance, in a red shirt and white pants.

The contract of her colorfullness to the black and whiteness of the beach was wonderful.

In a world that can get bland and boring, go ahead and add some color to make the world a better place.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep being awesome and inspired!

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