Inspire My Awesome Monday – Current Edition

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Hi there!

Welcome to this week’s “Inspire My Awesome Monday,” a few things I’ve found that might get you charged up for a great week!

For Your Ears

  • Brandy Clark: I had heard Brandy’s song “Girl Next Door” on an Americana channel, but didn’t pay attention to who it was. Then I listened to her interview on “The Moment with Brian Koppelman” podcast, searched out more of her music, and now am a huge fan. If you like story-telling country songs, I highly recommend Brandy Clark!

For Your Eyes

  • You may not need a ladder right now, but what you might need is a fantastic commercial for a ladder. Go ahead and enjoy the commercial for Murphy Ladders!

From Inspire My Awesome

  • At the Ready – I still don’t know why they aren’t called “Home Run Poles” and not “Foul Poles.” I do know that it will be nice to eventually experience sports like we used to, we just have to be patient.

Just a Thought

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Have an inspired and awesome week!